REMINDER Fruit crop insurance policy holders……!!!

ATTENTION Growers with FRUIT crop insurance!!! If you have a blueberry, cranberry, peach or apple fruit crop insurance policy, acreage reports for that policy are due JANUARY 15! If you have any questions, please contact your crop insurance agent or our office at 856-769-0090 Happy Holidays!!!!


July 15th is the acreage reporting deadline for Corn, Sweet Corn, Tomato, Soybean, Grain Sorghum, Oats, and Potatoes Acreage reports are the basis of determining the amount of insurance protection provided and the premium charged. An annual acreage report for each insured crop in the county in which you have an ownership must be submitted to your insurance company (through your agent) on or before the acreage reporting date for that crop. The acreage report shows the insured crops you have planted, acreage prevented from planting, what share you have in those crops, where the crops are located, how many acres you planted, the dates you completed planting them, what insurance unit they are located on identifies any acreage not insurable, and the cultural practice followed (i.e., irrigated, double cropped, etc. Be sure to get these reports in on time to your crop insurance agent!


Hello veggie growers! January 31st is the last day to sign up for potato crop insurance. If you need to renew your potato crop insurance policy or you would like to start a new one please be sure to visit with your crop insurance agent before JANUARY 31ST. If you have any questions please call your crop insurance agent or our office at 1-800-308-2449


October 10th is the end of insurance date for processing tomatoes! and
October 15th is the end of insurance date for forage production, fall seeding production, and processing beans!!!!
If you have any questions please call your crop insurance agent or our office at 1-800-308-2449


September 15 is Blueberry end of insurance and processing bean primary billing date for crop insurance policies!!!

September 30 is Barley, forage production and wheat sales closing and cancellation date, forage production and wheat termination date, fresh market sweet corn and peaches end of insurance date

If you have any questions please contact us at 1-800-308-2449 or your crop insurance agent


KEEP IN MIND!!! Soybean Final planting date 7/5 Late planting up to 7/30


REMINDER:!!! APRIL 2OTH is the final planting date for grain sorghum, Late Planting up to 7/15